Postgraduate Conference 2019

Date 23/02/2019
Place Technological University Dublin


The Sociological Association of Ireland holds an Annual Postgraduate Conference. This conference provides a forum for student researchers to present their work to peers and receive feedback. The venue of the SAI’s annual conference rotates around the provinces of Ireland. The Postgraduate Conferences are important fora to keep informed about research conducted by sociologists working in Ireland (and by sociologists writing about Ireland).

The SAI Postgraduate Conference will be held at Technological University Dublin (formerly DIT) on Saturday 23 February , and this is free to all SAI members. We encourage all postgraduates to attend, whether presenting or not, and supervisors to come along with them to offer support and help them to build strong academic networks which will support their independent research and skills development. All postgraduates at any stage of their research are welcome to submit an abstract for the conference. The Postgraduate Conference is a welcoming and supportive space where students will be grouped for presentations to ensure the best possible experience and quality feedback on their work relevant to their stage of study.


This is an open call, so papers on any research theme will be considered for inclusion in the conference programme. Papers may be organised into panels based on research topics or methodological approaches.

Presentation Formats
You are invited to submit a presentation in either of the following formats:
Individual presentation: a conference paper of 20 minutes duration
Themed group presentation: panels on any topic may also be submitted. The standard format for panels is 3 presentations of 20 minutes. The panel proposal must be submitted by one person and must include all participant names and abstracts for each presentation.

Submission of Proposals
Please submit your proposal using the form on the right no later than 4 January 2019. Proposals should provide the name, affiliation and contact details of the presenter(s). They should also include a title and an abstract (250 words) and indicate the proposed presentation format. The focus of your paper should be clear – don’t try to cover your entire project, but select one aspect you would like to discuss in depth and which will prompt discussion with your audience.

Key Dates
21 January Deadline for submission
28 January Confirmation of acceptance of papers
1 February Publication of programme
23 February Conference

You can register for the conference here. Registration is FREE but you must be a current SAI member in order to present or attend.
Annual postgraduate membership costs €25 and can be renewed here.

If you have queries regarding the annual postgraduate conference please send them to

Get Involved

We welcome expressions of interest to join the conference organising committee. If you are unable to join the organising committee we still encourage you to get involved by emailing us your any ideas you may have for career sessions and workshops at the conference. Expressions of interest to join the committee and all conference suggestions can be emailed to our Postgraduate Representative:

Special Events

As well as a keynote speaker, the conference will also feature several special events geared towards the research process:

Getting started – using theory and refining a research topic
Getting finished – writing up and preparing for the viva
Getting published – preparing articles for journals and publishing beyond academia