Postgraduate Conference 2023

SAI Postgraduate Conference

University College Dublin | 25 February 2023

Call for Papers

Is one world enough for all of us?

University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland

25 February 2023

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Abstract Submission Deadline: Monday 12 December 2022

Registration: Just like last year, we do not ask for a direct contribution in the form of registration fees but rather would like you to donate an amount you see fit to a cause of your choice. Alternatively, you can anonymously donate on the day of the event using a donation box. The collected amount will then be donated to a charitable cause in the name of the SAI and its members.


The theme:

The SAI’s 2023 annual PG conference at UCD’s school of sociology focuses on the question “Is one world enough for all of us?” a question posted by thinkers throughout the millennia. From Plato’s ideal republic, Kant’s treaty on perpetual peace, and Malthus’ Essay on the Principle of Population all had envisioned rules, laws, and regulations to ensure we managed our planet’s finite resources so that one world would be enough. But enough for whom, how, and when? And can universalistic approaches truly serve all of us without creating new forms of imperialism or hegemonic centres of power?


Looking at the current state of global affairs, we see playboy billionaires building spaceships to colonise other worlds, scientists dissecting and disaggregating all elements of this world, and academics debating about the world of thoughts. At the same time, a growing number of countries are facing wars, famine, and impoverishment, while others seem not to have enough democratic participation, young people to care for their ageing populations, or face masks to protect people from a global pandemic.


With the short piece above, we wish to showcase the challenges, complexities, and wealth of perceptions with which the question “Is one world enough for all of us?” can be investigated. Therefore, this year’s theme invites and welcomes papers from a wide range of different research fields, including but not limited to studies on globalisation, cosmopolitanism, nationalism, ecology, economics, sustainability, the welfare state, gender inequalities, conflict, politics and all other work that investigates and discusses what it means to share on one world.

Submission guidelines

All presenters should submit abstracts of no more than 250 words through the provided Google Drive link. The submission deadline is Monday, 5 December 2022.

Your abstract must include the following:

  1. Title of presentation as it will appear in the programme
  2. Organisation/Affiliation of the presenter(s)
  3. Email address of presenter(s)
  4. Abstract text (250 words maximum)
  5. Keywords (three to four)


Submissions will be evaluated on their scholarly and scientific-analytical merit, and all conference presenters and attendees must be members in good standing with the SAI.


If you have any questions related to the conference, please contact Daniel Guigui, postgraduate representative of the SAI, via


We look forward to welcoming you to UCD for the 2023 annual PG conference.


To singe up as a presenter or visitor, please use the provided link to register dietary requests for the provided lunch and dinner options and, if applicable, submit your abstracts.